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soiree n : a party of people assembled in the evening (usually at a private house)

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from French soir 'evening'


(US) IPA: /ˌswɑˈreɪ/


  1. a formal evening party


formal evening party

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A party is a social gathering for celebration and recreation. It can have religious, cultural, or seasonal implications as well, but the term 'party' usually implies a strong social/socializing component to the gathering.

Types of parties

Birthday party

A birthday party is a celebration that occurs to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the person honored. Birthday parties are nowadays celebrated in many cultures.
A child's party is usually chet held at home or a public place and consists of soft drinks and sweet and savory foods (in many cultures featuring a birthday cake). Birthday parties for children often feature entertainment, costumes, or themes. Adults' birthday parties in Western countries often take place in bars or nightclubs where a range of alcoholic beverages are consumed.
In Western cultures, particularly in the United States, birthday parties are often accompanied by colorful decorations such as streamers and balloons. A birthday cake is often served with candles that are to be blown out after a "birthday wish" has been made. While the birthday cake is brought to the table, the song Happy Birthday to You is sung. Wealthy people or celebrities may hire an event management agency or a party service to organize a birthday party.
''See also: Surprise party

Housewarming party

A housewarming party is held when a person, couple, or family moves into a new house or apartment. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, and for friends to gather, socialize, and enjoy refreshments such as alcoholic drinks and snack foods. In some cases, the friends and family members who are invited may bring gifts for the new home. Housewarming parties are generally informal, and there are usually no planned activities besides a tour of the new house.

Dinner party

A dinner party is a formal social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually in the host's own home. At the least formal dinner parties, a buffet of food is provided on a table or counter, and the guests choose items from the buffet and eat standing up as they talk and mingle. At the most formal dinner parties, dinner is served at a dining table with place settings. Dinner parties are sometimes preceded by a cocktail party, a social gathering in a living room or bar where guests drink alcoholic cocktails as they mingle. Women guests may wear cocktail dresses. Cocktail parties are often held as a prelude to a dinner party.

Potluck dinner party

On less formal occasions, when a club or community gathers and includes a shared dinner, the organizer may invite participants to bring drinks, appetizers, main and side dishes, and even desserts. This is called a "potluck" dinner.

Block party

A "block party" is a social event where of which a group of residents in the same area decide to throw a party at the same time, usually during the early evening hours. During such an event, partygoers are free to pass from house to house, socializing and often consuming alcohol or other beverages.

Farewell party

In many cultures, it is customary to throw a farewell party in honor of a person who is moving away or departing on a long trip.


A wake is a funeral tradition in some cultures in which the life of the deceased is celebrated by throwing a party which may take on either a somber or a cheerful tone.

School-related parties

Parties for teenagers and young adults

Parties that are mainly held by teenagers and young adults include house parties, dance parties, and outdoor parties. In many areas of the world, the term house party refers to a type of party where large groups of people get together at a private house to socialize; often these partygoers will consume drugs or/and alcoholic beverages. House parties which center around the consumption of beer which is pumped from a keg into plastic cups are called keg parties (or "Keggers"). These parties are popular in the US amongst college students, but are technically illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to attend, and often, even older party-goers run afoul of the law for violating ordinances regulating noise and disorderly conduct, or for operating a "blind pig".
Dance parties are gatherings in bars or community centers where the guests dance to pop and dance music such as house music, Disco, or techno. The music for dance parties is usually selected and played by a DJ over a PA system or a powerful stereo system. Conversation is not an integral part of these parties as those who attend express themselves through their dancing and by gesturing.

Holiday-related parties

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Internationally celebrated parties

Fund raising party

These parties are focused around the act of rising money for a person or institution, often used to raise money for political campaigns, schools, businesses, and charities. These parties are usually formal in nature, consisting of a dinner followed by speeches or presentations extolling the cause for which funds are being raised.

Parties focused on a specific interest

This is an offshoot of the classic masquerade ball, where the costumes of the participants provide the theme of the event.
  • Game party
A game party is a social gathering where games are played.
A party that involves multi-player computer games using a Local Area Network
  • Pool party
An event where the main action of the party involves swimming, and any other entertainment which can involve a swimming pool.
A party is hosted in a private home for the purpose of supporting a particular candidate, political party, or ballot measure, or to share information and opinions about an upcoming election.
A party in which guests stay overnight at the venue, usually the hosts house. This type of party, also known as a slumber party, is popular with teenagers and young people.
A party where participants gather for primarily erotic purposes.
a party in which all participants dress up in Greek-style robes with holly on their heads, and generally get very drunk. This theme was popularized by the movie Animal House.
a party in which the central activity is to purchase product, in this case Tupperware, normally after it is demonstrated at the party. This name has come to stand for any type of party in which the hostess holds the gathering with the purpose of selling something.
A party where good friends come together to watch a favorite television show.


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